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About Logan River Academy & #ShutLoganRiver

Logan River Academy is a licensed treatment facility in Logan, Utah that uses cruel and inhumane practices on learning disabled and at-risk children.

More information is available here:
Logan River petition - PLEASE SIGN:
Twitter: @StopLoganRiver
Google+ Page:
Google+ Community:
Anonymous Videos:

About Justina Pelletier and #FreeJustina

Justina Pelletier, a 15-year-old who was diagnosed with Mitochondrial Disease at Tufts Medical Center, has been taken from her family by the State of Massachusetts. On Feb 10,2013 her parents took her to the Boston Children's Hospital for the flu, where a team of doctors decided she did not have the disease previously diagnosed but instead has a mental illness called Somatoform Disorder. This diagnosis basically means it's all in her head.

The hospital has accused her parents of child abuse and has kept her in a locked psych ward for almost a year, not providing her with the proper treatment for her condition. During her stay she was denied medical care for Mitochondrial Disease, denied an education, denied her Freedom of Religion and given a one hour supervised visit with her family each week. A judge placed a gag order on the parties involved and has ordered Justina to foster care. The father, Lou Pelletier, has spoken out about this outrageous case and was threatened to be charged with contempt.

Judge Joseph Johnston has removed the gag order and all contempt charges Mr. Pelletier was facing and ordered Justina back to the care of Tufts Medical Center. However things are not always what they seem. Few efforts have been made to return Justina back to her home state of Connecticut and her family. Every attempt to rectify this situation by local Representatives has been stopped all while Justina has remained under DCF care for 13 months and counting.

This Monday March 17th Judge Joseph Johnston was expected to make a final custody ruling regarding Justina. This has been delayed until this Friday, March 21. Please join us as as we say #FreeJustina.

More information is available here:
Justice For Justina:
Boston Children's Hospital Guidelines of care?


Contact Info:
MA Governor Deval Patrick @massGovernor (617)725-4005
Connecticut Governor Dannel P. Malloy. @GovMalloyOffice (860)566-4840
Supreme Judicial Court's Public Information Office (617)557-1114
Department of Children and Families Central Office (617)748-2000
or email the Commissioner at: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
CT Department of Children and Families @CTDCF (800) 842-2288
Boston Children's Hospital Patient Relations @BostonChildrens (617)355-7673
Alec Loftus @akloftus Comms Director to the Secretary of Health 7 Human Services in MA.


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“Bottom line is, my daughter’s life is now at stake.” -Lou Pelletier
You can help! #FreeJustina

#BostonChildrens is looking more & more like Logan River Academy #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver

Justina Pelletier Speaks Out: “I Feel Like a Prisoner” #FreeJustina

Any child can be abducted against their will. #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver

@RepDavidLinsky #JudgeJosephJohnston returned her care to Tufts. You killed resolution sending her home. Why? #FreeJustina

#BostonChildrens & Logan River Academy sitting in a tree… #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver

Please call DCF to #FreeJustina: @CTDCF 860-550-6300, Mass DCF 617-748-2000.

Two stories of treatment gone horribly wrong… #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver

Judge approves shifting of teen’s care to Tufts-led team by @BostonGlobe but still not released #FreeJustina

We understand Justina has been through #TTI behavior modification. Unconscionable. #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver

Boston Childrens Hospital to be Investigated by the MA Dept of Public Health Over Justina Pelletier #FreeJustina

Imprisoning these children only benefits the people accepting the money for it. #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver

Olga Roche head of #DCF said “I absolutely feel very strongly that I am the person right now” #FreeJustina

"As a Bostonian, I will never look at #BCH the same. #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver"

Does it look like @BostonChildrens has been taking proper care of Justina for the past 13 months? #FreeJustina

How do these people sleep at night? #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver

The 15 yr old girl in the middle in blue is #JustinaPelletier All we ask is that #DCF #FreeJustina to her family

#ShutLoganRiver #FreeJustina
#ShutLoganRiver #FreeJustina
#ShutLoganRiver #FreeJustina

Every child deserves a champion #FreeJustina

"hey! We want it now! What part of 'now' do you not understand? #ShutLoganRiver and #FreeJustina NOW!"

Olga Roche is the head of #DCF who is responsible for the 13 month captivity of #JustinaPelletier #FREEJUSTINA

"All children deserve a chance to live a prosperous life" #ShutLoganRiver and #FreeJustina

"…in her field have a name for this aggressive legal-medical maneuver. They call it a ‘parent-ectomy.’” #FreeJustina

My two wishes today: #FreeJustina and #ShutLoganRiver !!

Have you heard about #JustinaPelletier? Want to know who it is we are talking about? --> <-- #FreeJustina

We need your help to #FreeJustina & #ShutLoganRiver please steal these tweets & take a stand!

New Law Bans Forced Psychiatric Drugging Of Children - "Prohibition on Mandatory Medication Amendment" #FreeJustina

We are resolved. We will not stop until we #FreeJustina & #ShutLoganRiver

Understand it could be any child taken from their family. Our focus remains to #FreeJustina & every child wrongfully kidnapped by the system

Sometimes it takes all of us to stand up for those who cannot defend themselves. #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver

Don't forget to call DCF tomorrow morning before scheduled court #FreeJustina

Please help us shine a bright light to #FreeJustina & #ShutLoganRiver

You can’t take a stand for rights if you don't know what they are! Spread awareness: #CDR #FreeJustina

Calling all concerned citizens. #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver Thank you!

Why must a helpless child be punished for a medical dispute between two hospitals?! #DCF #FreeJustina

It is our civic duty to act when the system misfunctions this badly. #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver

#JudgeJosephJohnston Please return Justina Pelletier to the expert care of Dr. Mark Korson at Tufts #FreeJustina

Will you stand by and do nothing, or will your voice be heard? #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver

Parents' choice of treatment plan established by renowned expert at Tufts plan are guilty of MEDICAL CHILD ABUSE?! #FreeJustina

We call on the courts to #FreeJustina tomorrow and #ShutLoganRiver shortly thereafter

U.S. G.A.O. estimates over 50,000 kids held against their will in 'behavior modification,' programs. #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver

Citizens from across the political spectrum are united to #FreeJustina & #ShutLoganRiver

#Anonymous launches #OpJustina to #FreeJustina:

Tonight #FreeJustina. Tomorrow #ShutLoganRiver

Please keep it going as long as you can! If you run out of tweets, make small changes. #FreeJustina #ShutLoganRiver